About Rohtas  

Incredible Rohtas foundation is an organization devoted to promote and conserve Rohtasís indigenous, natural and historic heritage by working directly with people strengthening and supporting community based on institutions. More than anything we lay get stress on trainings and workshops that ensures more practical and beneficial outcomes both in terms of learning and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Rohtas. Incredible Rohtas was founded with the aim of promoting and conserving the natural and archaeological heritages of Rohtas. We endeavour to give Rohtas its rightful place it deserves in modern India. A website (www.incrediblerohtas.com) was launched in 2011 to create an awareness and resonance about Rohtas district. Rohtas district s a place of great historical importance with immense possibilities in tourism sector. We want to bring people of India and the world to come and experience this unparalleled and unharnessed beauty and have a walk down the history.

The INCREDIBLE ROHTAS FOUNDATION mission is to harness the depth and richness of Rohtsís cultural and natural heritage to its fullest possible extent for the enrichment of all her people, including especially the rural multitudes that still practice and cherish their living cultural heritage as part and parcel of their daily lifestyle and world view.