Gupta Dham
This is a kind of cave which lies in kaimurplateau and is 12 miles from Sasaram in south and is around 8 miles in South-East from Shergarh.Inside this cave there is a statue(Stalagmite) ofInscription(Shiva-Linga) made up of limes on a small rock which is known as GupteshwarMahadev.There are various stories regarding thisInscription (Shiva-Linga) in this part of world but there’s no Mythological evidence to prove that .

This cave is on a certain height on the eastern side of the mountain.One has to step down from the from the entrance of cave.On the entrance this is 18 ft wide and 12 ft in height.The way inside the cave is dark,muddy,slippery and damp.But,the last year the surface floor has been cemented.After going 363 feet inside the cave there’s deep ravine,which is always filled with water.That’s why it is also called as PaatalGanga.After this there’s a very narrow lane. From the middle of this cave,there,s a way leading to a different,which in turns to a third cave.TheInscription (Shiva-Linga) of GupteshwarMahadev is a nature madeInscription(Shiva-Linga),which has been made by the drops of water falling from thousands of years from the top of the,cave,made up of limestone.This is a kind of Stalagmites. Since,thiskaimur plateau is filled with that’s why this has been possible. As the drop of water falls from top along with lime this statue has become a Stalacitities,which is hanging from top to bottom.Due to plesence of lime stalagmites are white. There’s always droplets of water falling on theinscription(Shiva-Linga) from top,that’s why this is very popular among the people’s in this region.It’s a place of worship for them.

During Navratras and VasantPanchami a big fair is organized and people from far places come here.During the month of Shravan pilgrims from different place come here to play a homage lord Shiv and seek his blessing.It is a delight to bath here.This is a regarded as a important religious place but is also a delightful and fascinating place fortourists.

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