Bandu Shivlingm

Bandu is the village situated on the bank of son river. This is very famous for a Mela, known as Dasshisha nath mela. Many people come here to see the mela from this area. There are many village near bandu like Anandichack, Hankarpur, Balbhadrapur, Nimhat, khairawa, Baraicha, Daranagar, Naudiha, Jayantipur, shekhpura, Bhadara, Baulia and Tipa. Bandu is a small village, situated at the trijunction (Sangam) of rivers Sone, Koel and Sarswati (Sanaha)in Rohtas district of Bihar, India. The village is blessed by Lord Dasasheeshanath Mahadeo, brought and annointed here from Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva by Sahashtrabahu.

Kaimur plateau of Vindhya hillrange craddles Bandu, inhabitated by innocent, hardworking and intelligent people. Its daughters and sons not only fly high but have made it to the USA and other forign countries. The village has untapped treasures of historical and religious legacies. Hindu epics, especially Skandh Puran, make vivid references to the village, Dasasheeshanath Mahadeo and river Sone (Bhadrashila). Great sage Vishwamitra had his science laboratory nearby and had performed the miracle of bodily sending a living humanbeing, King Trisanku to universe. This feat can be said to be a precursor to present day feat of landing men on the Moon. Bandu is a very beautifull village bank of the Sone Nad river in Dist. Rohtas (Bihar) India. This is a Sangam of three rivers like Sone, Koyal And Sanha.

At the Sangam point there is a very femous Shiva Linga Chabutra named Dashshishanath Mahadev Baba. Very nearest Shiva Linga is Baurahwa Shiv Ji at Amrkha Pahari. Baurahwa Shiv ji situated from thousand of years. In Bandu there are many Shiv Lingas. Two places are very famous near of Bandu. Village Ulli & Rohtas Garh Kila. Village Ulli is Tapoasthali of Maharshi Viswamitra and Rohtasgarh Kila is constructed by the King Harishchandra. In 1756 by king Mansingh this Kila was the capital of Bihar & Bangal. There used to be a famous Yashisha mela here. When my father Baikunth Upadhyay (Upadhyayjee) was station master at Bhadara station, I visited that mela. I have very feeble memory of that mela. We had taken a boat ride to reach to temple.

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